Hi there I am Owen the immortal hamster. You may know my owner Author C L Ingram she’s the one that writes all those magical stories. We live together in a cozy little home in Manchester in the UK where it rains.. a lot. She adopted me when I was 10 months old from a pet shop after all my brothers and sisters were sold. I was lonely so she took me with her and gave me a forever home. She doesn’t realize I am immortal (shhh it can be our secret) how did I become immortal?? It’s long story involving a mouse in a top hat maybe I’ll get my owner to write it one day.
I sometimes whisper stories to her while she sleeps. This is where all her shorter stories come from. (ok some… ok one but it was a good one. It was about a spider that I met called Greg)
Being surrounded by dragons and fairies I said she should write a story about them and we decided together she should write a story for her niece. This story eventually became Jennifer’s Journey.
She often reads to me and I love cuddling up on her foot for my bedtime story. She tells me how she has always loved reading and getting lost in stories and wants to give that to someone else. She’s very happy she has you amazing readers to tell her stories to and loves to hear from you. I think she’s still a child at heart but what do I know I’m just a hamster right? hehe I better go I hear her coming back.

Bye for now!