May was a great month

Hi Boys and Girls

Sorry I haven’t said hi for a while.

Well May was an amazing month, My owner had her birthday so I ordered her a bouncy castle….it was just the right size, it was a hamster bouncy castle and I had loads of fun on it. I offered to let my owner have a go but she didn’t seem too interested. I also gave her some of my favourite wood sticks that I chewed up real nice for her so she wouldn’t hurt her teeth when she chewed them. She smiled and said it was a sweet thought.

I also wrote a story …it’s based on a true story about an amazing brave and brilliant super hero hamster….OK so not totally true…ok so it’s all made up., except Kevin…he is real. I will post it here tomorrow.

I’ve also heard lots of stories of boys and girls getting fairies by having a door for them to come through so I’m going to make my own, I’m good at shaping wood so I will let you know if it works.

Speak to you all later, got to go I can hear my favourite sound…. the sound of food hitting my food bowl….dinner time yum.

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